Retirement Planning: Ways to build a retirement corpus

It is difficult
to plan one’s future when one isn’t aware of the avenues of earning a steady
income, especially after retirement. At such a situation, one’s financial future
and living standard depend entirely upon their lifestyle pattern, medical
expenses, prevailing rate of inflation and other factors. To combat the blow of
unforeseen expenses, it is always a smart decision to save up for emergencies
and to build a corpus for the same.

Today let’s discuss
how to build a retirement corpus in order to lead a comfortable life after
retirement with these tips:

  • Start Saving
    To avoid the financial burden and the rush of retired life,
    start saving from an early age. Saving from an early age will help you to
    accumulate enough wealth to take care of your immediate as well as delayed
    financial requirements. Save your hard-earned money in retirement friendly
    schemes, fixed deposits or in plans that yield a high rate of interest.
  • Don’t just save, invest: At one point you are bound to
    realise that your savings are not enough to build a sufficient corpus to lead a
    comfortable retired life, we can only hope that you realise it before you enter
    the retired phase of your life. To ensure a comfortable living standard and a
    steady flow of income post retirement, don’t just rely on savings. Invest your
    money in market schemes that earn higher returns over time and facilitate more
    earnings to build a retirement corpus.
  • Invest in Good Schemes: As per your risk appetite, financial goal,
    time horizon and intended corpus amount, invest your money in market schemes
    that will earn you better returns at low risks. Young investors can opt for
    risky investments and enjoy the benefit of compounding, but if you are close to
    your retirement you should put your money in retirement-friendly schemes. Choose retirement-oriented
    debt instruments that not just offer you a steady source of income but also
    help you to build a strong corpus even with a limited amount.
  • Opt for a broad Investment Horizon: Just like early savings, starting
    your investment early comes with a galore of benefits, including the benefit of
    compounding effect. Early investment and a broad time horizon tend to work
    together and impact the investment of the investors in a positive way. The
    longer you keep your money invested the more will be your anticipated returns,
    which will directly help you to build a strong retirement corpus.
  • Assess your investment portfolio: With growing age and
    increase in income one’s financial goals is bound to undergo changes too.
    Moreover, factors like inflation, changes in the economy and governmental
    policies tend to affect one’s investment too. Make sure to reassess your
    investment portfolio regularly to incorporate changes and to cushion your
    investments against risks. This will help you to build a solid retirement
    corpus by minimising the blows of the market risks with new changes.

Consult our financial advisors to know more about how
to build a retirement corpus in order to secure your future.

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