Retirement planning: Plan first retire later

Having a retirement plan to rely on is among the crucial prerequisites to enjoy a financially comfortable life after retirement. If you want to enjoy a financially secured life after your retirement, don’t delay your retirement planning until your retirement. Even when most people think only people who are close to their retirement or have just retired should be the ones to consider retirement planning, in practice people who have just begun their career or are still far from their retirement should prioritise retirement planning the most.

The reasons why you should start retirement planning before you retire

Retirement planning is one of those crucial things that are more effective when you plan in advance. When a person decides to start their retirement planning much ahead of their retirement they automatically improve their chance of leading a comfortable and financially stable life after long after they have actually retired.

These pointers highlight why you should start retirement planning before you retire:

  • Strong Corpus: When a person starts retirement planning before their retirement they have the scope to increase their sources of income through various means of savings and investment. This helps them to build a strong corpus for their retirement in the long run even with little extra earnings or savings. This option wouldn’t be available for those who would opt for retirement planning in their retired life.
  • Secured Future: Financial security is the primary aim of retirement planning. Sometimes our savings fall short to cover our financial emergency and we need to dip into our other funds to meet our financial requirement. In the absence of a retirement corpus, a person is forced to take a loan to meet their emergency which not only adds an extra burden on them but also hampers the financial security of their retired life.  Starting retirement planning, before retirementhelp people to not only to use their retirement corpus as a contingency fund but also offers them ample time to replenish it before their actual retirement.
  • Fewer worries: Staring retirement planning during work-life help people execute the strategies better which make them confident and relaxed about their life after retirement. Fewer worries about the future help them to focus more on their present and also give them the confidence to test different investment instruments for extra earning without much fear.
  • Fulfilment of goals:Starting retirement planning before retirement gives people the chance to have a clear idea about their sources of income and expected expenditure. This plan of action helps them to save enough in due time to meet their financial goal easily and quickly which would otherwise be quite hard to do so if they would have delayed their retirement planning until retirement.

Give retirement planning the priority it deserves to ensure a retired that is not only financially secured but also quite comfortable. Know more about the benefits of retirement planning in work-life from our professional financial advisors and build a better life after retirement for your loved one and yourself.

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