Robust inflows in July and August 2023: Arbitrage funds are back in favour

Investors are back to arbitrage funds, pouring in as much as Rs 9,482.65 crore. The category performed well in July too, with an inflow of Rs 10,074.87 …

Interview with Soumya Sarkar: Co-Founder of Wealth Redefine

An exclusive interview with Soumya Sarkar, Co-Founder of Wealth Redefine, a boutique Mutual Fund Distribution Firm

Soumya Sarkar is a Finance professional with a wealth of …

Short-term investing: Options to park your money if you have a time horizon of one year or less

While the purpose of investing is to grow your money, where you invest depends on the time horizon and specific goal. While equity …

How mutual funds as low-cost products help you to fulfill your financial dreams

By- Mr. Soumya Sarkar, Co-Founder, Wealth Redefine

In the realm of personal finance, dreams often seem distant and unattainable, particularly when it comes to significant …

How senior citizens can maximize their retirement income with mutual funds

Maximizing Retirement Income with Mutual Funds: The first step in maximizing retirement income is creating a detailed budget. Begin by calculating your essential …

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