Long-term SIPs: The key to financial goals

Almost every person has a financial goal that
encourages them to save money and to make fruitful investments. Though there
are many investment options available in the market today, investing in a
long-term SIP is one of the most feasible and fruitful ways of achieving your
financial goals. In SIPs, the investors are required to put away a fixed sum of
money in funds on a regular basis and in return, they enjoy the power of
compounding in the long run.

features of SIP help to achievea financial goal?

The features of SIPs tend to help the
investors to achieve their financing goals:

  1. Cost
    Regardless of
    the market condition and the NAV, SIP investors are required to invest a fixed
    sum of money on a regular basis. This feature ensures that they lower the cost
    average by purchasing more units in a low market and redeeming them for higher
    profits a thriving market.
  2. Market
    : With the
    feature of regular investment comes the freedom from predicting the future of
    the market. Such freedom eliminates an unnecessary mental burden and helps them
    manage their wealth better.
  3. Simpleinvestment: The process of investing in a long-term SIP
    is quite simple. Others may forget to invest regularly in their investment
    schemes but a SIP inculcates a sense of discipline in the investors and the
    task of investing becoming as easy as breathing for them.

long-term SIP investment helps to achieve your financial goals?

When a person has a certain financial goalin
their mind the full proof way of achieving them is through regular investments
for a long period of time.  Even an
investment of a small sum can magnify the benefits of SIP over time:

  • The compounding effect:  Even a
    small sum of the deposit can accumulate over time to create a strong corpus. You
    can utilise the compounding effect for wealth generation by reinvesting the
    returns earned on their investment and again investing the returns earned from
    the returns.
  • Independence from market timing: Investing in long-term SIPs gives you the
    freedom from predicting the future of the investment market and helps you focus
    more at your professional and personal life. Besides giving you the freedom
    from predicting the market conditions, the disciplined habit of investing in
    long-term plans allows you to grab exciting opportunity irrespective of the
    market standing. 
  • The ease of creating wealth: You can accelerate the process of wealth
    creation by indulging in regular systematic investment in long-term plans. A
    disciplined SIP investor can reduce the brunt of volatility related to equities
    and can also sound returns. Besides the dividends, the capital gains earned by
    a long-term SIP investor are tax-free, which means more money at hand for
    wealth creation.

In short, the key to achieving your financial
goals is to create wealth by remaining invested in a SIP for as long as you

the assistance of our professional fund managers whose expertise will helpyou
to identify potential investment opportunities and help you meet your financial
goals successfully.

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