Financial Planning

Everyone has different goals in life. It might be buying some expensive items or having great holidays. It might be education planning to lavish marriages. But very few people can attend the goals as expected due to lack of financial planning. Proper financial planning will help to attain the financial freedom.

Why You Require Financial Planning

Help you allocate the money properly among monthly expenditure and monthly saving.
Controlled expenses will help to leak out money which later on impact on financial health.
More accumulation of money through proper planning
At the time of crisis, proper financial planning leads to better cash flows which ultimately saves from the situation.

Steps Towards Financial Planning

Goal Setting
Understanding the effect of every financial decision
Regular Re-valuation of the planning
Start as soon as possible
Expect normal, no unrealistic expectation
Always have long-term view.

Myths About Financial Planning

Start financial planning once in crisis
Always postpone it for the next time which don’t comes
Only rich people require financial planner
Start financial planning without having a long term view.
Getting advice form relatives and family members. Not professionals.
Investment and financial planning are same things.

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